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Date: 14 April 2014


Thank You!

I watch most of the sky king episodes as a child and enjoyed them so much I purchased them for my grand kids. I sure want to THANK YOU for the Prompt and Secure shipping.

John McCleskey

Date: 19 March 2014


Sky King DVD’s

I was really thrilled to find the Sky King TV Series on the internet. I grew fond of aviation watching the series as a child in the 1950′s, soloed during the 1960′s, and went on to a lengthy career in US Army Helicopters.

The DVD’s just arrived today and I am looking forward into a month of evenings with my earliest remembrances of aviation.

Mark Johnson (US Army: Retired)

Moyock, North Carolina

Date: 12 March 2014


Sky King DVD Order


When I was a lot younger Sky King paid a visit to our local airfield in Rock Hill, SC. My Aunt Helen and Uncle Paul insisted that I go meet him, even though the TV show was a little before my time. I had a fascination with anything with wings.

Imagine my delight when I came across the Sky King website with the complete series on DVD. It took me a bit to set a few bucks back to purchase this set. I collect television shows on DVD and this set is a perfect addition to my library. After I ordered it, the package arrived promptly. The audio and video transfers are awesome and I love the bonus booklet. This box set is worth every penny that I invested.

Thank you all so much for such a valuable piece of TV history, I am watching all of the episodes in order! I will definitely recommend this product and web site to all of my friends.

Curt Anderson

Date: 10 February 2014


A Long Lost Hero Found!

I’m absolutely THRILLED to find your Official Sky King website! As a little girl, I was mesmerized by Sky King and was completely in love with him! I so envied “Penny” her “Uncle Sky”! With the many passing years, those golden programs of my childhood (I’m now 66 years old) are memories even more cherished today than yesterday, but the details get forgotten. How wonderful that you have brought them all back to us! My husband asked “What was the name of his plane and his ranch?” And I couldn’t remember! But I know now!

CONGRATULATIONS on a world-class website! I just LOVE being able to “go back” in time and even see photographs of my beloved Sky and learn behind-the-scenes details I never knew, such as the fact that Kirby used his own plane in the beginning years.You who own the show deserve a commendation for your fabulous work, and it’s obviously a labor of love! It shows!

I love that the episodes are available on DVD. I’ll be ordering!Best wishes, and again, my unqualified thanks–this show, and its contemporaries, are a shining beacon of what quality children’s television should be, and nothing in today’s world can hold a candle to it!

:) –With love, Darlene Brandt

Date: 23 Jan 2014


From Bill and Cheryl

I always looked forward to Saturday’s and watching Sky King! Sky King was a strong influence in my career choice to become an airline pilot.


Captain William H. Lange
United Airlines, (RET.)
Tinley Park, IL.

Date: 01 Jan 2014


Aviation Carrier

I used to watch skyking every Saturday, and never missed an episode. After 42 years as an Airline and Corporate pilot and I’m now retired. Kirby Grant definitely influenced my decision to learn to fly.


Date: 06 Nov 2013


To Sky King Guest Book

Having the honor to know Kirby Grant in his later years, I can tell you that he was a true gentleman and genuine human being.  Like many others, I was a huge fan of Saturday mornings with Sky King.  His TV adventures, along with my uncles as a P-47 fighter pilot in WWII, fueled my interest in aviation.  While never becoming a pilot myself, following the aviation industry has been a huge hobby of mine over the years.  While Kirby was a hero to many in his fictional role, I can attest and assure all his fans that he was just as much a hero in his real life!


Date: 15 Oct 2013


Hi There!

My favorite tv shows were Sky King and Roy Rogers. About 25 years ago I saw SKY King and Penny on I think the a daytime TV show. They had not seen each other for 20 years. It was so fun to watch. I still have that meeting on DVD. It was sad to hear of the recent passing of Gloria Winters. And of course Sky King. They were our hero’s and will always be.

Jim Reynolds (Eng.)

Custom Recording Studios (Since 1965)

Date: 26 Sept 2013


What a Memory!

For some reason Sky King came to my old mind so I searched and was surprised. I was born in 1942. I remember listening to countless episodes on radio. Never knew it was on TV. I do remember the early TV shows I did watch like Sergeant Preston and Lassie. For years we only got one channel and then finally two.

Vernon B

Date: 1 Sept 2013



My co-workers and I were discussing “old television shows” and I mentioned that I was named after “Penny” on Sky King. My brother who was five at the time was given the honor of naming me and he loved Sky King. I had forgotten, until reading your website, that he had wanted to call me “Clipper” but my parents decided “Penny” would be better.

Great memories, great website!


Penny from Illinois

P.S. I was born in 1957!

Date: 29 June 2013


Changed My Family’s Life

I was a young kid, born December 1950. I loved the show and did not miss many if any episode. I went on to command my first deep sea going ship at 29 and command the fleet before the age of 50. I think the song from HMS Pentifore help, “I polished the knob so carefully that now I am the ruler of the Queens Navy”.
My son started flying at age 14 and instead of getting his driver’s license at 16 he wanted to solo so he could get his pilot’s license. He now fly’s for the Navy Blue Angles.

Thanks for all the encouragement.



Date: 19 June 2013


DVD Collection

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate receiving the collection – I couldn’t begin to tell you the memories that it has evoked. I am a B-777 Captain for American Airlines, and there is no doubt in my mind that Sky King was one of the reasons I ever became interested in flying. Saturday mornings were simply the best, and NOTHING could pry me from the TV until afternoon had rolled around. I’m still hooked on Oreos as well….

The quality of the series is excellent, and I was delighted to pop disc one in the player after I returned from a trip to Shanghai – childhood revisited! Simpler times to be sure, but those values never go out of style.

Many thanks for an excellent product, well worth every penny!

Cheers……… Tony

Date: 18 June 2013


My Saturday Mornings

Every Saturday morning as a child I would get up & watch Sky King. Now that I am 65 I remember your show with fondness.

Betsy Ann Drees

Date: 15 April 2013


Thank You

I just wanted to thank you for bringing some great memories back to life. Those were such simpler times growing up, when it seemed that everyone was friendlier, happier and it just seemed that the attitude was that we were all in it together and would help each other, keep an eye on each others children to keep them safe, do favors without even being asked. Those days are so long gone that it seems as if they must have happened in another life. I must say that I was very fortunate to have had a second period of time in my life when those old values were still in vogue within the community that I worked with, while I served as a submariner. I believe that those good times were all a result of “The Big One” and I hope we don’t need to go through another world-wide war just to bring back that peace and harmony. Have a good life everyone!

Rick S.

Date: 31 March 2013



Just to say a thank you for your Site, and all the information it has…I was nuts for flying and loved the show and the ”songbird” especially.. even though now the plots seem minuscule,,, the jest of the morals are what we sure could use more of in today’s world,,, KEEP ‘EM FLYING,

Sam A Rice

Federal Way, Washington state

Date: 25 February 2013


Sky and Roy

I grew up with two of the best role models for kids that ever were. Sky King and Roy Rogers….God bless…I learned to fly and ride because of them.


Date: 15 November 2012



I started watching Sky King when I was probably 4 or 5. I never missed a show, and had a small, metal Beechcraft Bonanza. I remember going outside after the show went off, and flew all afternoon. Usually, I followed the storyline of the show, searching or saving someone. I guess the impression of Sky stuck, as I became an aircraft mechanic for 42 years. I always tell people, that because of the Sky King show, it instilled an interest in aviation that never left me. I can still remember working on my first straight tail 310, and being so excited because it was the kind Sky King flew. He even came in the FBO where I worked once, but by the time I found out, he was gone.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Apple Valley, CA where I located the old Apple Valley Airport. There, on what was left of the ramp and runways, I walked on the very ground where Sky, Penny and the Songbird spent time. I photographed the mountains in the background that was always shown when the Songbird took off, or landed. I stood there for a long time, just thinking about what I’d seen as a kid, was right before my eyes. Of course the surroundings were a tad different.

But,as long as I live, I’ll never forget the memories and the lessons I’d learned from Sky. Honesty, character, right and wrong, and the things that would mould my life, was taught by the likes of Sky King, Roy Rogers and more. I feel very priviledged to have been raised up in that era. Kids nowdays only have a lost world, without much hope, and because of technology, they have no imagination. Believe me, I had imagination. That’s what drove us kids, then. I’ll always thank God for those times, and memories.

Tommy M.

Date: 11 November 2012



In reminiscing about the 1950s era of my childhood, I always mention SKY KING very fondly to friends; and Penny and Clipper, and, of course, the Song Bird! (I still remember the Lorna Doones ads, as well!) Communications being so “planet-wide” now, it is a DELIGHT to be able to look you up, and to discover your website, with so much expanded information and photos of it all!!!

So good to see you all again, and to know that Sky King Productions is still Alive and Well!!!

Grace D.

Date: 11 November 2012



Penny was my first crush ! what a great show to mold a young mind towards doing the right things in life….THANKS !

“Tomorrow is just one of yesterdays dreams ”

Robert B.

Date: 21 October 2012



Was just browsing the internet and thought about the series I used to watch as a child named “Sky King.” Lo and behold if the official website for this series didn’t come up. I’m very impressed. It was one of my favorite shows to watch on Saturday mornings. One time Penny came to our Gibson’s store in Beaumont, Texas. My mom got me up there to meet Penny in person and I got myself a signed autograph. I thought she was the most beautiful person I had ever met. I was certainly star struck at 5 or 6 years old when this took place. I remember it like it was yesterday though. I have always considered that as special as Seeing Elvis in concert. Was sweet memories the show brings to mind. Special Special.


Date: 16 September 2012


Wow, what a blast from the past!

I can remember watching the program when I was 5 years old and I knew from that moment that I wanted to be a pilot. Well, I made that happen and moved up through the ranks and because of this program my lifelong dream came to fruition. In every sense of the word, Sky King was my hero and I don’t think there are near enough of those now. I am now an FAA Inspector (Operations) and I really try to instill a sense of pride to all the pilots I have dealings with.


Little Rock, AR

Date: 31 August 2012



Sky King went off the air when I was five years old, but I remember it as my favorite TV show. About a year ago, I had an opportunity to see many of the episodes again and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I still enjoy Sky King. While the show was very entertaining, Sky King was also an exceptionally good role-model for kids. It is a great shame that today’s youth haven’t grown up with “Uncle Sky.” A week ago, I saw a man in a car with license plates that made me think the driver could be Clipper. It turned out that it was indeed Ron Haggerthy. It was the highlight of my week and it motivated me to buy my own DVD set of Sky King, which arrived in the mail today. I am looking forward to watching Sky King again and hope to introduce members of the younger generation to Sky King, Clipper and Penny.

Best wishes,

RJ Manning

Date: 04 August 2012


I purchased the set of Sky King videos back in the spring of this year. I am enjoying these soooooo much!!! The earlier ones I did not remember (too young I guess), but they all are great stories by actors I still admire. Thank you so much for allowing me to buy this set!!! Good luck to you all!

Carol Cooley

Date: 22 July 2012


From day 1, my mom sat me in a little chair in front of the B&W TV and I watched Sky King. I not only loved the cast and the show, but I commandeered a space at the edge of my mom’s garden to make a landing strip for the Songbird, and my secret middle name (revealed here for the first time) was Penny! I always thought that if my dad would just learn to fly and get a plane, he would be exactly like Kirby Grant! 8-)

You can bet I’ll be getting the DVD’s and reliving the adventure!


Date: 17 July 2012



I ordered your set around 2007 or 2008, and was impressed with the exceptionally high quality of each DVD—your price for this is very reasonable given the quality. I told several friends about them and all were equally satisfied with their sets—having seen it all a couple of times, I recently gave my set away. One thing I am curious about—in the very early part of the series, I definitely remember that the Bamboo Bomber was used and the phrase was “out of the blue” rather than “out of the clear blue” but the series now shows the 310 intro even with the earliest episodes—has the early intro been lost?


Richard from Toronto

Date: 01 July 2012



This is my GUEST BOOK sign-in. ;-)   I’m 60 years old and used to watch SKY KING when I was a young boy… …and loved it… loved it so much that when I was in college, my family moved to Long Island near an airport… so I asked if I can have flying lessons and they said yes… So I earned my pilots license in 1973 and flew until the mid 1990′s …

I can certainly thank The SKY KING show and cast for the early influence. I loved every minute of it…

One show that stands out in my mind is when Sky landed his Songbird on an aircraft carrier. Very exciting.

PS. Nice web-site.

Wishing you well,


Steven Lance Levine, Advertising Services

Creative Advertising l Branding l Graphic Design l Photography l Web Design

Date: 20 June 2012


I too grew up with Sky King and Roy on Saturday mornings, circa 1961, and have been an avid fan since. I became a licensed private pilot and live in Arizona now.

A little trivia for you. My former wife told me that during the first run of the series, they had a contest to name Sky’s airplane and that her older sister in fact won the contest with name of “Song Bird”. I can’t recall the prize, but
this story was told to me as we watched the news broadcast of Sky’s accident en route to the Challenger launch. A sad day for me as another of my heroes passed away.

As other fans have said, We need some new heroes, like Sky, Roy and The Ranger! Thanks for a great site and when I’ve saved the pennies I’ll be back!


Show Low, Arizona

Date: 9 June 2012


I Just Ordered the

FINALLY!  I’ll be able to watch without a huge burden of GUILT! I was raised in a religion that, tho “Christian”, kept the Saturday as ”Sabbath” = no TV watching on Saturday at all.  So any time I could sneak a peak
at Saturday morning TV on the probably 13 inch black and white TV, I would tune in Sky King!

Where HAVE all the hero’s gone?  Hopalong Cassidy, Sky King, Lassie, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry……. and many others.  All gave the children of the 50′s a positive moral lesson in each episode. Today….. sadly the lessons
that the kids are exposed to  are the exact opposite.

I can hardly wait to start the series….  Thanks for making it available restored.

Joe H.

Date: 19 May 2012


Kirby Grant

I’m writing more for information than to be “published” in your guest book. Yes, I grew up with Sky King, too, and I’m sure it was a big influence on getting my pilot’s license.
I’m a “low wing” fan and I tell everyone, “If you don’t walk on the wing to get in the plane, it’s not a real plane!” LOL

I had always heard that Kirby married Gloria, but your website straightened that out for me. I still remember the day I heard that Kirby had been killed in a car
accident. The way I heard it was that he ran into a water-filled grader-ditch in Florida, was thrown from his car (because he wasn’t wearing a seat belt) and
drowned in a few inches of water. Any truth in that? I can’t believe a pilot like Kirby wouldn’t wear a seat belt… we pilots are all about safety.

On another note, I’d like to know more about your website. Are the rights owned by his relatives (and thus own the website), or did you, as some sort of
business enterprise buy out the rights that Kirby had bought? Did he have any children who own those rights now? Is his wife still alive? Where does she live?

Being as I’m in my 60s now, all my heroes are dead, Kirby, Roy, Gene, etc. The heroes we grew up with… taught us right from wrong, and that “right” always wins
over evil. There were morals in all of those childhood shows, and we learned our lessons well.

The children of today have no good heroes to look up to. Their heroes are a bunch of bullies and killers. What happened to all our heroes? They died and they were irreplaceable. The era of the good guys, the guys that taught
us right from wrong and practiced it in our daily lives, is nearly over. One more generation and nobody will even know the names of Sky King, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Jimmy Stewart, etc. They will eventually be forgotten. Yes, their shows will still be around, but there won’t be anyone left that wants to watch them. Kids today really won’t watch the old black and white half-hour westerns. They think they are corny. They are incapable of learning anything from them. We took them to heart and wanted to grow up just like the heroes… and we did!

Lon Lawrence

Vietnam Veteran USAF


Ham Radio Operator,

Retired school teacher and police officer, Carlsbad, NM

Date: 5 May 2102



recently received the SKY KING set from you!  I am writing to tell you how delighted I am with these!

The quality is everything you said they are, sound and visuals.  I saw one last night that I remember about broke my heart about the little sick girl whose daddy had lost himself out of grief.  In the end Sky brought him back just in time to save the girl’s life.  I never forgot that episode and now I have it again for all my life.

Thank you for these, I will continue to enjoy them mightily!



Joliet, IL

Date: 5 May 2102



I just went out to the Chino Ca. airport to watch the war planes arrive for the big airshow this coming weekend. Before going out to the flightline, I wandered around the “Yanks” Air Museum. In the back they have a restoration shop, and I looked at various projects under restoration. Sitting in a back corner was a Cessna T-50 “Bobcat”, stripped down to the ribs;- someone had obviously began restoring the various wood components, but had not touched her in a long time. I kept looking at it and finally noticed a placard on the floor underneath, which stated that that particular plane was in fact – the “Bamboo Bomber”- Kirby’s first plane used in the early filming of the show, before they started using the newer model. She was just sitting there, covered in dust & cobwebs – stripped of her outer skin, quietly begging someone to put her back together. I’m thinking about volunteering…….

Rick (child of the ’50′s)

Date: 29 Dec 2009


I watched Sky King on TV back in the early 1960′s and really like the show. I have not seen many since then as they were not shown. I would like to get the complete series on DVD if I can.


Date: 30 Dec 2009


Oh my gosh, I watched your show every day that it was on. I remember you, Chipper and Penny so well. I hope you are all doing well.

Happy Flying.


Date: 31 Dec 2009


I remember the series very well. I loved the 310B Cessna. All the other cowboys had horses, and Sky King had his plane.

Date: 01 Jan 2010


I loved this show as a kid, right along with Fury and My Friend Flicka.

Date: 01 Jan 2010


The Sky King series gave the babyboomers a real hero and I believe television has strayed away from this type of show. There is too much *** and violence on television today and I believe this has been a factor in the detoriation of morals in society today.

Date: 01 Jan 2010


I watched the show every saturday morning and was very impressed with the airplanes;(especially the cessna 310B) and I am now a licensed pilot with an a&p license. I think of this series every time I see a cessna


Date: 03 Jan 2010


i love this show used to watch every saturday morning in new york as a kid

Date: 03 Jan 2010


Sky King was one of my all-time favorites! I would love to see it brought back.
Ah, the memories…..

Date: 04 Jan 2010


uncle sky,where are you when the world can use you now?as probably one of the many african-american fans of the show,12 noon saturdays in ny was a ritual to watch sky king.why not a sky king movie?i would cast john travolta in the lead role,and miley cyrus as penny,and to round out the cast,why not steve howie(reba),sam elliott,billy ray cyrus and charles dutton.and no sky king project would be complete without at leasy a cameo for gloria winters and ron haggerty,till then i am saving my pennies for the box set,too bad we cannot get the reruns,HELLO TV LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 07 Jan 2010


I spent many a Saturday watching the Adventures of Sky King, and had a huge crush on Penny, the niece. I also remembered the specific sound of the engines of the plane, named the “Song Bird” and it fit. It’s music in
those engines still ring in my memory as an older pilot now in my 60′s. Long Live Sky King and his memory.

Joel Law, Sikeston, MO

Date: 09 Jan 2010


It’s a pleasure to find this site on the web. I fondly remember watching the series as a child, and I still enjoy watching the arc of aircraft overhead. My parents both worked for Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach, CA. My brother still works there, although it is now part of Boeing. I personally never worked with aircraft; go figure…

Jerry Hajek
Asheville, NC

Date: 27 Sept 2010


Out of all the Old Show I use to watch this one show that has never been rerun on any of the channels I grew up on this show. Is there a reason why this show has never been retelevised?

Date: 30 Sept 2010


Gosh, I loved Saturday mornings just because of the stories of Sky King, Fury, Rin Tin Tin and the others! I have very fond memories of watching the programs, I’d get up real early and watch “my” programs along with several cartoons! The kids these days don’t know what they are missing! Hooray for the television programming of the late 50′s and early 60′s. I grew up in the best time in history…Thank you Mom and Dad! lol

Date: 13 Oct 2010


Thanks for a terrific website. I for one was always in love with Penny. Great cast including the Song Bird, wonderful stories and now wonderful memories. I met Kirby Grant at the Willowbrook Mall in New Jersey a long time ago and shortly before he died. A truly remarkable man. And an inspiration to all of the people who learned to fly. Sky King and Penny may now be gone but never forgotten and always in our hearts.

Thanks for the memories.

Tom from New Jersey

Date: 13 Oct 2010


This was my all time favorite show for several years, as long as it was in first runs, really.  I remember the switch from the T-50 to the 310-B; how I lusted after that sexy new Cessna!

I’m saving my pennies for the DVD set!



Date: 17 Oct 2010



What wonderful memories this brings back from being home as a child. It was one of my best memories of television, All three channels. It was exciting for a five and six year old to know that it must have been a great life out west, flying, ranching and more flying. It brings on a little spark of the kid in me every time I hear the opening theme. Thanks for putting this on the internet for all to see and remember.

Kenny J. Jackson, TN

Date: 27 Oct 2010


I watch Sky King as a kid in the 60′s, not like today we had a lot of hero’s to choose from and he was one of mine.

J. R. Montgomery

Date: 28 Oct 2010


I’m setting here at work remembering the good times, No the GREAT TIMES!!

I was a HUGE fan an also being taught to fly by a retired Naval Aviator.

I see the stuff/junk that is on TV today and wonder why people think things are so BAD. Anyway this was a Great show and brings back many Great memories. God be with us all..



Date: 02 Nov 2010


I used to watch this show all the time. I hardly watch any TV anymore because of what is on. I wish they would put something like this on TV again.


Andy, Phoenix, AZ

Date: 06 Nov 2010


My husband loves the western channel and he and I talk about all the great westerns that were on TV when we were kids. So when I saw a 4-episode Sky King DVD at the library last week, I just had to check it out! I remember when my father bought our first television set in 1951 or 1952, and like many others on your guest book, I grew up watching Sky King, My Friend Flicka, Fury, Rin Tin Tin, Gene Autry, and Roy Rogers. I loved those programs. And then I visited your website and was able to read about all the Sky King characters I knew as a child.

Thanks for some wonderful memories.

Sandi in Sanger, California

Date: 18 Nov 2010


I just received my 4-episode DVD of Sky King, after which I found your website.  I was saddened to read of Gloria Winters’ recent death, but I’m happy to learn that she and Kirby Grant were genuinely good people who cared
about the image they portrayed to kids.  I grew up watching Sky King on Saturday mornings and always enjoyed it.  It’s nice to be able to see it again!

Best wishes.


Date: 19 Nov 2010


When I was a little girl, Sky King was my favorite show. I couldn’t wait until the show came on the air each week. I thought Sky King was so awesome and the fact that Penny could fly the plane was inspirational to me.
Unfortunately, I never got my wings but I remember this show fondly. Wasn’t there a dog, too? What was his name?


Date: 03 Dec 2010


 I was working for the United Fund campaign at the Rice Hotel in the early 60s. Mr. Grant was in town for some appearances for the campaign. We entered the elevator at the same time and began talking. What a
lovely man, bouncy, and full of life. I’m 70 years old and that is one of my favorite memories.


Date: 05 Dec 2010


What a series! I have loved airplanes as far back as I can remember, about age 5. Every Saturday I used to watch Sky King, Penny and Clipper. Sky was my hero and inspired me to pursue a career in aviation. I have
now flown for over 40 years, owning my own Cessna 310 (an “L” & an “R” model). In the course of my career I got to fly a Cessna T-50 and a C-310B. There have been many airplanes that I have flown, from WWII warbirds to airliners, but my biggest thrills were in the “Sky King” airplanes. Just recently I finished building a model of a Cessna T-50. Naturally I named it “Songbird” and painted it to resemble Sky’s. What great memories that show brings back!

Tom B.

Date: 28 Dec 2010


What wonderful memories of great years gone by. So thankful that I grew up in the 50′s when t.v. shows were decent. I loved the Skyking series and couldn’t wait until Sat. when they would come on. Thanks to a
wonderful cast for great shows and wonderful memories. God bless them all.

Jerry L. Williams-Exeter, MO

Date: 06 Jan 2011



I was at lunch with some friends and we started talking about old TV shows. We went all over the map, and finally ended with Sky King. I was the only one that could recall the name of the plane, Songbird. There were some really great times back then and it is so great to find your website. Those were the real heroes……not what we mess up our kids with today. Keep it alive! Thanks!

Buddy Adams

McKinney, Texas

Date: 25 Jan 2011


Sky King was my favorite show when I was a kid. I bought the DVD set some time ago & enjoyed them immensely. In those days you knew who was good & who was bad. The hero’s didn’t have a drug habit on the side. Of
course I had a crush on “Penny”. Every few months I’ll watch the DVD’s, a couple of shows each day. It really was a great show.


Date: 04 Feb 2011


Sky attended the MD Telethon in GreenBay Wisconsin in 1961 and I got to meet him. I asked him “Where is Penny?” and he said, studying for exams.” I so much loved that show and thus began a love affair for me with
flying…culiminating with me becoming a flight surgeon for the USAFReserves for 15 years. I still get a warm fuzzy when I see a similar plan to the Songbird!

Such a great role model of so many. Thanks!

LtCol/Dr Tim..

Date: 22 Feb 2011


I obtained my love for flying myself after watching those episodes years ago.  I have been flying for over 30 years now.  I even named my first child Schuyler  ( I wanted it to be Sky King Pfaffe but my wife wouldn’t let me) and I just discovered tonight that Sky was actually short for Schuyler!!!  I got what I wanted after all!!!


Mark Pfaffe Keokuk, Iowa

Date: 18 Mar 2011


I too had a crush on penny, like millions of other faithful Skyking fans. I never never missed an episode. Those truly were the best of times, only to reminisce in our dream and watch DVD’s of Skyking

Date: 18 Mar 2011


I was a “Sky King” fan when I was a kid, and would love to see the episodes back on TV!

I’ve been watching daily episodes of “Highway Patrol” and “Sea Hunt” on our local “this TV” (formerly “MyTV”) in Columbus OH ( I never miss an episode (DVR records them in the very-early mornings), even though theyare on their second or third time through the “rotation” here!

There are “this TV” outlets throughout the US ( This would seem a natural outlet for broadcast (albeit on digital subchannels/cable) for the “Sky King” episodes. With all of the cable and satellite bandwidth today, there certainly is *some* home for “Sky King” on-the-air!

(The other series I’d like to see back on the air is “Ripcord”, which was part of my “holy two” programs back when I was a kid!)

Jeff Maass

Powell OH

Date: 02 Apr 2011


As kids we always watched Sky King and we would build wooden replicas of The Songbird in the back yard. Mine was made of orange crates and she was beautiful. I have many wonderful memories from Sky King. Why don’t
kids play like that today?


Date: 08 Apr 2011


While growing up, on Saturday mornings,would watch all our Saturday heroes, Roy Rogers, Buffalo Bill Jr., Annie Oakley, and Sky King!!!! Those were great times,and learn great values, I use to this day. So sad that
the younger generation does not have the heroes us baby boomers had.


Date: 10 Apr 2011


Where Is Sky King When We Need Him Most?

As a boy growing up during the 1950s and early 1960s, I sat glued to the (black and white) TV on Saturday mornings to watch Sky King. I loved the show, and I only came to realize many, many years later what a healthy
influence the show had on my life. I eventually served as a Marine Corps officer and did indeed become a pilot. The original “Songbird” was great, but it was the thrill of watching the second “Songbird,” that beautiful Cessna 310-B, roar “out of the clear blue of the Western skies” that motivated me to eventually solo at 16. When I received my multi-engine rating, it was in a Cessna 310. I even remember telling the FAA Examiner when I completed the flight test, “just like Sky King.” He laughed… And understood.

Now, in 2011, with the exception of those who serve to protect our country, it seems we have a vacuum where heroes once existed. Once upon a time we had Al Shepard, Gus Grissom, John Glenn, Deke Slayton, Scott Carpenter, Wally Schirra, Gordon Cooper… And we had Sky King. What wonderful memories, and inspiration to provide heroes once again.

John P. Schreitmueller, GC, ECP

President and CEO

Resolute Consulting Group LLC

Specialists in Executive Leadership, Work and Life Coaching and Counseling

Date: 12 Apr 2011


I really enjoyed watching Sky King as a kid.  I’ve loved airplanes ever since.  I’ve been a pilot for 32 years…..probably inspired by those Saturday morning shows.  I’ll never forget em.

 Jim J.

Date: 17 Apr 2011


Sky King Memories

As a kid in the mid-1950′s, we lived near the Cessna plant in Wichita, as my Dad was a sales manager for the company. The 310 had just been introduced, and he would occasionally take a demo plane, or a delivery….to
Canada, Texas, Florida, etc…and often one of we children could go along with him. Although I really loved the sound of the 310 on those long trips, I never saw or rode in the original type BT-50…something I still would enjoy doing, to this day. (Actually got my private license two years ago…at age 59!) Bought a 1947 Cessna 140, to enjoy some vintage aircraft experience, too.

In the 1950′s, Sky King was absolutely my younger brother’s, and my favorite show….although our two sisters loved the horse shows like Fury and My Friend
Flicka. As others here have said before; TV programming back then was simple and straightforward, and the heros and villians maybe just a bit melodramatic….but
we all seem to cherish the memories and the clear-cut values that are indeed lacking in today’s “sophisticated” TV fare.

Keep up the fine efforts to preserve and promote our heritage of the “Golden
Age” of TV!

David Jose

Surgical Specialist, North Texas Area

Date: 18 April 2011


I watched “Uncle Sky” as a kid growing up in south Florida. Our family’s house was near Lantana Airport (LNA) and I used to watch airplanes landing from our backyard. I could recognize a Cessna 310B from an early age. I
took my flying lessons starting at age 15 at Palm Beach Intl. Airport (PBI) and moved out west in the mid-’70′s. I now live in Phoenix, AZ and fly out of Glendale Airport (GEU) AZ. I tell my friends in Florida that it’s near Sky
King’s Flying Crown Ranch, near Grover, Arizona. Well, each time I take off, I swear I can see it from here!!

-Joe Buckley

Phoenix, AZ

Date: 03 May 2011


My Memories

I was Sky King’s biggest fan glued to the TV every time it was on. The fifty’s and sixty’s were the best of times. As I approached adulthood in the seventies I always missed seeing the show on TV and wandered
what ever happened to Sky King. Then one day I was doing a fund raiser for my Fire Dept in Winter Springs Florida, and who shows up to do a turkey shoot for charity,OMG Its SKY KING. I forgot what I was doing and just watched him, after a few minutes he came over to chat, I felt like that little kid again with my hero . A couple years later I had the honor of helping him during a medical call as I served on the rescue unit. I kept up with him over the years and visited him at Florida festival. I was very sad to find out about his accident in Orlando. He will always be missed,

A fan and friend Skip Lazlo

Date: 05 May 2011


Sky King and the Youth Ranch

Kirby Grant and my father, Rev Jack P. Lindsay were good friends, and they often flew together . . sometimes I was allowed to tag along. It was actually Dad’s idea and efforts that got the SK Youth Ranch going. He knew they needed a well known name in order to promote them. Dad approached Mr. Grant about sponsoring the Youth Ranch. They had worked together on some other projects, and Mr. Grant ended up sponsoring the ranches. The first one was in Winter Springs, and it was where I kept my horses.

Rachel Lindsay

Date: 09 May 2011


Hi from Ken Swedroe

I remember Saturday morning TV. One of my favorite shows was Sky King. Andy and his gang, Roy Rogers, and of course, Sky King. How I miss those carefree days.

Ken Swedroe

Niles, Illinois, age 65 and getting younger all the time.

Date: 26 May 2011


I watched this show on saturday mornings growing up in Fort Worth, Texas. Sky King/Kirby Grant is the reason I got interested in flying and later became a A&P mechanic. Now at age 55 this website sure brings back some
great memories. Hope everyone that was on the show is doing well.

John Quattrochi

Date: 09 May 2011


Guestbook Story

It was around 1958 or 1959 and Sky King and Penny were scheduled to be at the Fox Theater in downtown Fresno, California to meet their fans. I was incredibly excited and had that Saturday all planned out, even getting permission from my parents as I was only eight or nine at the time. Imagine my disappointment when I became ill with a very severe ear infection, affecting both ears, and was required by the Doctor to be hospitalized at the Valley Children’s Hospital for twice or three times per day treatments in the surgery. On top of everything else to do with Sky King, I had an incredible crush on Penny.

Well, on Friday night I was having my dinner of BBQ beef sandwich, chips and milk when a knock on my room door occurred. The floor nurse, with her starched white uniform and very stiff nurse’s hat, entered saying “…and here is Dwayne, one of our best patients.” I looked up to see Sky King and Penny coming into my room and right up to my bed! They chatted with me for a while and introduced themselves then Sky King shook my hand and Penny gave me a kiss on the right cheek. At that time, I knew I was in LOVE! I don’t think I washed that cheek for at least a week (mom had something to say about that). I never even finished my sandwich, and for me in those days that was saying something.

We all remember and owe a lot to Sky King. In my case it is a love for flying, aircraft and ranching. I did go on to fly, though never professionally and have not gotten into ranching; yet I am still enthralled by it. I also echo some of the other comments regarding how great TV was in those days. I sure miss things like those wonderful shows such as Sky King and I am sorry to see the way our values as a society have changed; primarily for the worse.

Thank you for the wonderful web site and the great memories it evokes.

Dwayne Taaffe

Date: 14 July 2011


I remember watching the tv series every Saturday morning at my grandparents house on a black and white tv with rabbit ears. It has been along time since I have seen it since it is not on reruns. I have not seen it on DVD. I am happy to have found your site.

David Witter

Date: 19 July 2011



It seemed to me that the first airplane worked better for ease of motion than the newer plane.  I enjoyed watching the program. I don’t think I missed an episode.


Date:  23 July 2011


I really love watching the show every Saturday morning with my 4 sister. I really miss shows like that. We will never have TV like that anymore and that is really sad. It makes me long for the good ol days.


Date:  13 August 2011


What a terrific show this was and just think of how many future pilots were inspired by this Saturday morning event. I was one than eventually earned my private certificate because of the love of airplanes that
began with the show. How many times did the pilots go out and practice steep turns and thought about the opening sequence of the show? I bet countless of us have. I had just ran across this web-site and had to add my 2 cents worth.

Thanks for a great show.


High Point N.C.

Date:  17 August 2011


The Circus

It was 1971 or 1972 in Port Angeles Washington. The
circus came to town and set up in the field right in front of my Aunt and Uncles
home. My cousin and I went down and asked if we could work for them in exchange
for tickets for the family to see the show. The main attraction was SKY KING! As
a boy I never missed an episode on Television. I tell you it was a real treat.I
am 60 now,and I still remember him walking out with the spotlight on him. He
gave a fine performance, so good that I can still remember it like it was
yesterday. He was my hero and I always wanted to grow up to be just like the
character he played in the series.

I know there is a big difference between reality and
television. But his show shaped many minds of kids my age, giving them a study
of what is right and what is wrong. It was one of the highlights of my growing

Thanks for keeping the memory alive!!

Tommy D.

Date:  27 August 2011


Growing up in upstate NY, I watched Sky King every
Saturday morning during the early 60′s right along with Lassie and Captain
Kangaroo. I loved Sky King, Chipper, and Penny!! Sure wish shows were like that
now! Thanks for the memories!

Mikki Hickman

Date:  29 August 2011


When I was a kid…. I watched two shows. Sky King & Roy
Rogers. Both shows exemplified the American spirit and provided great
inspiration for me as a young kid. From the show I grew to love aviation. Later
in life I joined the army and served in the Army Air Corp in helicopters. Many
times I remember certain episodes even today. Recently I found your web site and
felt compelled to write and tell you how your show inspired me. Thank you very
much and best wishes.

Michael Walters

Date:  02 September 2011


Hi ,

Enjoy my cd set and your site, what great memories !! Wish a remake of the
series was possible. My best to all the cast and their families.


Mark Porcaro

Date:  02 October 2011


Sky King’s Granddaughter

It’s so nice to see all these
great comments about my grandfather! I never got to meet him because he died 10
years before I was bored but my Dad always tells me how I’m a lot like him and
he would have liked me.

Thanks to the owners of this site
for all the great stuff that you’ve put on here,

Sky King’s (Kirby Grant III’s) Granddaughter,


Date:  09 October 2011


I watched the Sky King show back
in the 50s I was around 5 or 6 years old. Couldn’t wait for it to come on!! We
need more shows like that on TV now for the kids. One of the best shows on TV
when I was a kid!! On our Black & White TV!! The Good Old Days!!!! Even after
they stop filming they run it over and over. I remember seeing it when I was in
high school. Just as good then. I like the old B & W shows. I’m 63 now and watch
the Andy Griffith show every day at 5:30. You know what’s going to happen but
still laugh.

J.C. Richardson III / Danville

Date: 18 October 2011


Hi, don’t
have much time to search the web, but I do like to read. Got the December issue
of Cowboys and Indians magazine, and I was pleasantly surprised to see “Sky.” I
spent every week in front of the little tv watching Sky King and my other
“cowboy” favorites like Wild Bill, Poncho and Cisco, Annie Oakley, The Lone
Ranger, Gene and of course Roy who also has a large spread in the Cowboys and
Indians magazine for his 100th birthday. Check it out, if you haven’t already
seen the December issue. It is online in parts, and also on the newsstand and by


Date: 28 October 2011


I can recall
as a child sitting in front of the old Black & White Magnavox TV with the tin
foil on the rabbit ears watching Sky King on Saturday mornings. I dreamed of
flight so much that I eventually went on to get my pilots license and owned a
couple of airplanes. I have quite a few hours in a C340, but always look fondly
at the C310′s on the ramps whenever I see one. It reminds me of the Songbird and
why I came to find so much happiness in the sky.

Thanks for keeping the memory of this wonderful show alive.

Thomas Wilson

Date:  23 November 2011


Sad to see it go off….

When I was a kid, I watched every episode I could from
1955 to 1959. 1955 is when we got our first TV. I was only 6 years old but
remember it well. I was devastated when it went of the air because I was in love
with Penny!!! Many happy hours of GOOD entertainment for us…

Thanks ya’ll,

David Miller

Date:  24 November 2011


a long time fan

I was a very, very small child
when Sky King aired, but I remember it so well. My wish is that it would return
to the airways on Encore westerns channel. Is there any chance it will?


Date:  05 December 2011


I am
so glad to see a site for sky king. As a kid I watched sky king all the time,
and it got me interested into avation. I went into the Navy and became an
aircraft mec. and took flying lessons. I have bought to sky king dvds.  1 sky
king classic series 2 sky king & ramar of the jungle. I hope more will come out.


H Leidy

Date:  25 December 2011


Mandeville, la skyking

The show inspired me so much as soon as i was old enough to fly i was flying i took my hole check that i earned from winn dixie food store i was a bag boy and every
sunday i flew and i did not stop until i got every rating both fix and rotor and instructor in both 10 dollars solo 14 dollars duel i bet if skyking was around
today he would flying over wall street rounding up all the banksters just wish i could have thanked skyking himself  i guess penny will do and yes i have a
cessna 320d same plane a little longer.

Commander industries air and ground  — Billy

Date:  14 January 2012


“Out of the blue of the western skies….”

I too, like many a “Boomer”, grew up with Sky and Penny.
We all loved the show and watching some old episodes recently am still surprised
how exciting it was, especially the flying episodes. Many a youngster in the 50s
and 60s went into aviation because of Sky. Thanks for this site! And thanks for
the memories!

“…and now….Sky King.”  (Who was that announcer?)

Scott from WA state

Date:  14 January 2012


Just was browsing your site, and it brought back a
million memories. I used to watch your show regularly, and all I wanted to do
was fly. I ended up becoming an Army helicopter pilot, and spent thirty years
flying. After retirement I bought a Cessna 182, but always remember Songbird.

Thanks for getting me started on my passion.

Sent from my iPad


Date:  17 January 2012



Sky King was my favorite show as a kid in the 50’s. I loved
the Cessna 310B. But, since the show was in black and white, I always wondered
what the actual color of “Songbird” was. I’ve found, on the internet, wooden
models of “Songbird” in brownish yellow gold colors. Is that accurate? If not,
what are the real colors? Would love to know.

Ron and Gloria

Carbondale, Illinois

Date:  17 January 2012


Skyking lives

After reading the other comments from a lot of great
old-timers I wanted to let them know that “Sky King” in another form, is still
alive and carrying on some of the old tradition.  I am an FAA inspector with
oversight over a small airlines “Sky King, Inc.” that operates out of Lakeland,
FL. They fly B-737 aircraft up and down the eastern seaboard as well as the
southern region. The call sign for their aircraft “Songbird”. The original
owner, Greg Luckenbil from Sacramento, CA, had a special place in his heart for
“Sky King” and was proud to operate under that name. Yes, “Sky King” continues,
” from out of the clear blue “. Just thought I’d pass that on.

 James D. Brooks

PMI Sky King CMT

Date:  30 January 2012



I have lots of wonderful memories of Sky King. The
airplanes he flew and tight spots with the “bad guys”.

He was one of my childhood heros and I will never forget him.

Allan Hardigree

Date:  30 January 2012


I too watched and grew up with Sky King and Sea Hunt.
Born 7/12/1952. I was one of many that became a pilot because of Sky King. I got
all fixed wing ratings and certificates; and flew for 27 years accident and
violations free.

Thanks Sky!

Capt. David C. Harris

Date:  13 February 2012


I grew up watching Sky King and have bought some CDs of
the series. In your discriptions of the Songbird there are a couple of errors.
The T50 had Jacob 245 H.P. engines and much later some people upgraded to the
300 H.P.. The 310B was equiped with the 0-470 engines. The 310C was the firsit
IO-470 and the 310R was the first with IO-520. I use to work for a Cessna Dealer
and got my muilt-engine in a 310B & 310Q. Are there any color photos from the
show available? Keep up the good work.

Denny Croft

Date:  13 February 2012


I grew up watching sky king in Weiser, Idaho. Looked
forward to sat. mornings so I could watch it.

Jess R. Lopez

Date:  16 February 2012


I did not know there was a site for Sky King. I enjoyed
it as a kid. That prompted me to get in aviation. I joined the Navy in 73 and
became an aircraft mec. I also took flying lessons but ran out of money. I have
3 Sky King dvds that I enjoy very much. I will be buying more from your site.

Thank You

Ralph H Leidy

Ps I drive trucks and busses 48 states and Canada for 27

Date:  18 February 2012


“Songbird out” has always stuck in my head. This show made a deep impression
on me. The good guy was always good, unlike today when the supposed good guy
operates in the gray area. I am so thankful to have grown up when I did. Thank
you for keeping these virtues alive and available to those who were born too

Bill- Wallace, Michigan

Date:  24 February 2012


Ideas from this Boomer fan for Sky King:

Sky King aids the
then TV show Whirleybirds; Sky King is ex USAAF then USAF officer, Col rank; US
Govt tasks him with some missions providing him with these planes etc: P51, P38,
B25, modified Cessna 310, Songbird, P40, RAF Spitfire, B24?, F86, F84, in some
secret NV base.

A Sky Capt 2004 movie: Sky King fights border bandits &
or fights terrorisim. Sky King Ranch is Home base & cover for his Covert Ops for
US Govt. Think Commando Cody, Roy Rodgers, Flash Gordon, Blackhawk -DC Comics in

Sky King Ranch facilities:
Ranch house, Stables, trails, BBQ area, Camping area, Garages, Storage,
Hidden acess to Underground base, Hangers, hidden Radar array, Adobe “city” from
local tribe, Comm Center, gun lockers in the Main House, access to underground

Sky King Ranch: NV NM AZ UT.

Imagine Sky King & The Rocketeer, Commando Cody, Sky Capt
rolled into 1.

Memories of a Boomer fan.

Sky King Missions in 50s: Deter No Korean spies from
stealing US jets, deter Mexican border bandits, aid FBI in some cases, PR Flying
for some inner city kids. Fight mutant monsters: 50s movies then be a diplomat
to some E Bloc minister to the US in AZ, etc.

Combo: Spy, mercenary, diplomat, businessman in one.

Stephen Russell

Date:  29 February 2012


Which episode?

I believe that there is a Sky King episode which involves a Japanese or
Chinese parchment. Sky King only knows one of the words or characters and forces
a character to read by saying that he only knows one of the words but if he
doesn’t here it, its curtains for the character. Which episode is that?

David K. Rudov, Esq.

Date:  29 February 2012


My favorite TV show

HOWDY FOLKS!! I was searching for a name for our aerial photography business
when I typed in” skyking”. What a great find!! I’m glad you have the website as
you have done a great job!

Due to some unforeseen circumstances we let our web site expire and did not
renew our domain name. We were thinking of changing the name to be more
keyworded towards aerial photography, so we didn’t think of the consequences of
not renewing. We spent over four years knocking on doors and promoting the name
of our business including creating a line of aerial postcards that have the
Klaass Image name on them! I am so embarrassed and when I read of the trouble
you are having with theft, I can seriously sympathize with your plight. It seems
sometimes when it rains it pours, thank the good Lord that I can choose to look
on the bright side of things.

Sky King was my favorite show!!! It more than likely planted the seed of my
love to fly and have a business doing aerial photography. We are directing our
customers to face-book at the present time and our kivip site.

I will put in some prayers that your attorneys are successful!


“like” us on Facebook @ Klaass Images

and visit our web site @

Date:  02 March 2012


Comments Regarding Kirby Grant


I was
delighted to discover that a website had been set up for Sky King, one of my all
time favorite television series. I was also saddened to read about his tragic
death. Kirby Grant played a small, but significant role in my life when I was
just a 16-year old girl growing up in a small, isolated mining town in southern
California. I was fortunate enough to win the Queen Scheherazade contest in 1967
that was put on each year by the Indio National Date Festival. Unknown to me at
the time of the contest, Kirby Grant was one of the judges.

There were beautiful, intelligent and charming girls from all the different
counties there vying for the crown and I didn’t think I had a snowball’s chance
in Hades of ever winning the contest, so I spoke from my heart when asked
questions during the interviewing part of the contest about what I liked to do
when I wasn’t in school. I told the audience that I liked to go looking for old
gold and silver mines around the desert where we lived and loved hunting with my
dad and shooting rattlesnakes and no, I did not like dates.

I heard this tremendous deep guffaw and laughter coming from beyond the stage
to see much to my chagrin that it was coming from Mr. Grant. His laugh was
infectious, and I joined in, and then the entire audience started laughing. I
thought for sure I had sealed my fate for not winning the crown that day with my
answers. Well, the rest is history, or so they say.

During the run of the Date Festival that February, my court and I had the
pleasure of having lunch with Mr. Grant on the fair grounds. I was thrilled
beyond words that not only that I was sitting next to him, but having pictures
taken with him as well. I also discovered that afternoon that just like the
character he played on his TV series, he was funny, kind, wise, gracious and
just everything that I’d imagined one of my heroes to be. I’m sure his family
has heard all this before, but thought that they might like to hear it once more
from someone whose life was touched for the briefest of moments by someone who
genuinely cared about the girl who wore the crown that year.

Cynthia Scott

Date:  04 March 2012


Sky King Fan

Hi y’all, …

As a young boy, I loved to watch the Sky King episodes. Unfortunately, we did
not own a television when the original series was shown during the 1950′s and
60′s. I believe the first time I actually had the pleasure of watching Sky King
was when we moved briefly, from Texas to Illinois. In Illinois, I had to
opportunity to watch some of the episodes and became hooked to the hopes and
dreams of learning someday to become a pilot. Well into my later years, I
finally had the opportunity to learn to fly. In 2004, I became a certified
private pilot!

I recently learned that my grandfather was a member of the Army glider corp
during WWII. I always knew that I wanted to fly for some unknown reason, but
when I heard of my grandfather’s military service as a glider troop member, I
instantly knew that flying was in my blood. I will never forget the day I first
took to the skies with a private pilot when I was a young boy. The pilot of a
single engine Piper gave me and a friend of mine a ride from McAllen, TX to the
South Padre Island on a beautiful clear day after we finished a summer job for
him at his home. The pilot was so pleased with our work that he rewarded us with
a flight that will always be etched in my memory.

For those out there that think that the skies are beyond your reach, all I can
say is “If I can do it, so can you!” So, if you have the opportunity to take to
the skies whether you are a pilot or passenger, …. Go for it!

Thank you “Sky” for the inspiration and desire to become a “Flyer”.

You and the rest of the Sky King cast will always be in my memories. God bless

Rick Pruneda, Oklahoma

Date:  05 March 2012


My Memories of Kirby Grant

In 1979, I left Walt Disney World to become the Magician at the “Stars Hall
of Fame” wax museum in Orlando, Florida. Next door was “Florida Festival” a
collection of unique shops and restaurants under a large tent. Kirby Grant was
the Host of Florida Festival and greeted the crowds that came there.

I ate lunch at Florida Festival almost everyday and during my visits I got to
know Mr. Grant. He was a very nice man and a very avid flyer. We talked about
the Sky King show and his love of flying. He was everything you would have
expected him to be.

One of my fondest memories of my time as a performer in Florida was getting to
know “Sky King”.

Terry Morgan

Date:  08 March 2012



I want to thank everyone involved in the production and broadcast of this

Even as a kid, I appreciated that Sky King was a better show, with more
believable, three-dimensional characters and stories than most.

Surrounded by the typical crap of the era, Sky King stood out even brighter.
My Dad was Air Force, so we always lived near the bases. I’ve always loved
airplanes, and the sound of aircraft engines. It’s the sound of freedom. Of
course, I especially appreciate the sound of a properly round piston engine, or
the warm hum of a 310.

I learned to fly early in my life, due to my father’s influence and that of
Sky King, and even today, in my sixties, flying’s still the same joy that it was
the very first time I took off to solo. Kids today certainly could benefit from
a similar influence as I had with Sky King.

Thanks again to all that made that show, made it possible, made it so good.
Why isn’t some network replaying these today?



Date:  16 March 2012


Sky King, my absolute hero

I don’t believe I missed a single episode as a child.
What a profound impact this show had on my life…and my career as an airline
pilot. I love fly the 310…because of Kirby Grant. I had no idea he lived in my
area until after his tragic death. I would have loved to have met him.

I’ll look forward to buying the entire set of DVDs. And
yes. I DID have a crush on Penny!

Rick Ferrin

St. Cloud FL

Date:  17 March 2012


My sister and I too watched your tv program when we were growing up. Sure
wish “SKY KING” could be put back on tv. Like on RURAL TV on Dish. They have Roy
Rogers and Tex Ritter there and it would be nice to see this show join them.

Thank you for the great memories.

Charles P

Date:  08 April 2012


I looked forward to Saturday mornings and my brother and I would be captured
by Sky King. I’d sit through the series again, I would only wish for my
grandkids to have the opportunity and interest to sit through the series too.
BLots of deep down life lessons to be learned.

Have a nice day,

Les Mignerey

Durango CO/Houston TX

Date:  16 April 2012



What pleasant memories! What could be better than a cowboy with an airplane
who catches the bad guys? My friends and I loved this show. Thanks for the

Ross Malone

Union, Missouri

Date:  17 April 2012


Memories of the Show

I saw Kirby Grant and Gloria Winters in November of 1958 at the annual
Fireman’s Championship Rodeo in my hometown of St. Louis. It was a most
memorable occasion. After the rodeo, “Sky King” and “Penny” were out in the
lobby signing autographs. I got to talk to Gloria very briefly. Truly, she had a
sweet and pleasant smile. It’s sad that both of them now are deceased. I will
forever have fond memories of them and the show. To Kirby and Gloria, I say,
“Thanks for the memories!”

Philip in Branson, Missouri